About 20% of our work is planning projects.  Our services include facility condition assessments, regulatory assessments, needs assessments, space planning, feasibility studies, technical programming, site planning, campus master planning, implementation scheduling, capital budgeting, and fund-raising assistance.

Campus Master Plan Air Force Institute of Technology

Master planning consultant for a plan that accommodates 60% enrollment growth over 5 years.  The plan expands the building inventory 75%, consolidates off-site facilities back to campus, and develops a conference center and Center for Systems Engineering.  Developed detailed space planning, physical plans, phasing plans, and concept design for the first building.

Campus Master Planning Shawnee State University

Developed a master plan that expands enrollment 40%, strengthens residential life, and develops perimeter acreage along the downtown business district and residential neighborhoods.  Later assisted the University with closing public streets and refining their redevelopment plans.  Also developed a student housing master plan that adds detail for adding 800-beds.  The plan establishes criteria for public-private partnerships to develop four neighborhoods for freshmen, upper-level students, and a STEM live-learn neighborhood.    

Campus Planning Hanover College

 Developed a multitude of projects aimed at increasing enrollment 40% through campus life improvements and curriculum expansion. Projects include master plans for outdoor athletics and student housing, a renovation master plan for the campus center, and feasibility studies to develop a STEAM Center, Alumni Center, and theater reconstruction. The College completed its most successful capital campaign and was able to fund its high-priority projects.

Laboratory Planning Hikma Pharmaceuticals

SPGB has provided continuity for a multitude of projects that expand offices and laboratories in support of major production expansions.  SPGB worked as both prime and subconsultant.  Services include space planning, renovation master plans, criteria design, and phasing coordination.  Worked on over 20 projects in 5 buildings that account for 80,000-sf.

Innovation Center Expansion Study Ohio University

Developed a program of requirements and concept design to expand the University’s business incubator.  The project provides engineering labs that complement the existing biotechnology suites.  The solution is based on tiered participation and shared resources so enterprises can expand services and building occupancy as their business develops.  The addition is designed to foster collaboration and networking with fellow entrepreneurs, University researchers and students, and angel investors and venture capitalists.

Headquarter Assessments Ohio Department of Transportation

Surveyed and assessed the conditions of 51 buildings in 2018 (6 district locations and a total of 760,000-sf).  Recommendations for renovations and funding were made and prioritized for a 10-year plan.  Estimates and recommendations were also made for replacement.  SPGB was subsequently selected to assess another 46 buildings in 2019 (13 locations and approximately 1,600,000-sf).